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Quality Management System

EN ISO 9001:2008

Welcome to our hospital!

Welcome to Vougiouklakeio, the largest General Hospital of Western Attica. Our clinic is the most comprehensive proposal for high quality services in the health sector in the region of West Attica.
The general clinical Vougiouklakeio

on call 24 hours

Equipped, spacious rooms fully          renovated for better and more           comprehensive coverage.
Support For any information you can     contact us directly on line and we will     respond within 24 hours to your request.
Full equipped ambulance

for each incident

Medical news

First medical advice

Admission procedure

When entering the patient from receiving section the admission procedure is comprised of the following:

  1. Personal details of the patient are recorded.
  2. The tests ordered by the patient’s doctor are charged.
  3. The room is assigned after the patient has been updated by either the patient accounting department or the customer service department.
  4. The patient is provided with the admission form which has been filled in by his doctor. Later the same day or on the next day the patient may visit the Patient Accounting Department for further information.
  5. Once admission has been completed, the patient is taken by nursing staff to his ward and his file is handed to the matron.

What is necessary to have with me?

  • ID Card
  • Medical Record Book
  • Ticket by the Social Security Organization
  • Orders and instructions of the physician

Hospital discharges

On the day of discharge from the Clinic, the doctor in charge signs the discharge form, notifies the relatives and instructs the patient regarding medication and diet.

The matron sends the patient’s chart to the accounting department. Once the chart and bill is checked by the accounting department, the patient is notified, settles the bill and is discharged from the Clinic.

Access to Clinic


For your access you may consult the following:


Blue Line: Exit Aegaleo (Estavromenou Square)

Red line: Go to the Red Line Exit Syntagma and then board to Agia Marina.

Green line: Go to the Green Line to Exit Monastiraki and board  to Agia Marina.

By car:

In parallel to Iera Odos & Thivon Ave |36, Smyrnis  Str. GR 122 42 Aegaleo

Privileges cards

The General Clinic “Vougiouklakeio“ adapting to the needs and circumstances and taking into account the very high demands of our times, actively participates in loyalty cards, wanting to immediately serve all of you.

Visiting hours

Your stay on floors care of patients is only possible during the following visiting hours:

  • Μorning : 10:00am -14:00pm

  • Evening : 17:00pm – 20:00pm

For visits to ICU apply the following schedule:

  • Morning : 12:00am -12:30pm

  • Evening : 18:30pm – 19:00pm

For patients safety and proper recovery, all guests are requested, during visiting hours, as abide by the following rules:

  • It is not recommended the simultaneous presence of more than two visitors per patient.

  • During the visits of Medical & Nursing Care, guests are requested to leave the room.
    Because of the above are extreme importance to the recovery of patients, we ask the comprehension and your help in strict observance of visiting hours and operational rules.

Additional services

In all rooms of the Clinic have TV sets and the possibility of free internet use.

Also the Clinic has its own Cafe on the ground floor with  a pleasant waiting room and home cooking kitchen.

Meet the medical staff

Investing in high-quality medical-technological infrastructure as well as in attracting excellent partners and adding smile, compassion and respect to our medical knowledge we completed the special approach and we have a new position in the provision of health services.

Healthcare Cards

For the best and most direct service we accept the following healthcare cards.

What people say about us

You are an excellent team, but fortunately most of all you are people first, and then doctors.

               Thank you for your help and attention!


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